Playboy 3D model

30 maggio 2016

Working with Davide Esposito photographer we tried to scan and 3D print a Playmate head. The result is a perfect way to create a wax museum like exhibition   Scanned with David Laser Scanner in photogrammetric version  1 2 3 4 5



4 aprile 2016

Brian is a robot inspired by Theo Jansen awesome machines.   The construction is based on 13 numbers and every legs use a continous rotatation servo to move it. In this project I used 4 servos, but with a little hack is possible to drive a cuple of leggs with one servo.       […]



20 marzo 2016

simple DIY lathe made during FabAcademy 2015



20 marzo 2016

basic XY plotter with tools


Light Guitar

20 marzo 2016

tool for light painting


Light Extruder

20 marzo 2016

Light painting qith 3D printer


Oh My Long!

20 marzo 2016

Oh My Long! is a project started in 2014, the intent was to make a longboard with some traditional technique, but using ne Digital Fabbrication instruments.


Hello World

8 marzo 2016

2016 Starting a new adventure in opensource world